We live in susceptible times where so much is happening, and everyone really wants (needs) to be able to express themselves. But as much as we want to speak, we also always want some form of anonymity. It's this want to talk without being seen that would make people choose to post a voice-note than post a video talking about the same thing, why you’d rather have a radio interview than a tv interview, the same reason some of us would rather turn off our cameras during remote meetings than have our faces all…

Random picture of me smiling

I’m just grateful for 2020. Felt like the worst year the world has ever seen but for me, it was one of my best. A lot happened this year and in this article, I’ll walk you through how it went down.


A big part of what made this year very special. I started up 2020 not very sure what direction I was going.


Yea I already started Design but I wasn’t very strong in it. I was getting ready to join the HNG internship, from the things I’d heard about the internship, i could only wonder how I would be…

Writing this to document the start of something beautiful in my life, openly acknowledge my mistakes and be grateful for the journey so far with the ultimate hope of inspiring someone out there


This morning I got a message from my mentor/friend saying i should write on my previous year in reviews, I almost didn’t want to do it because, to be very honest 2019 wasn’t the best of years for me. I had big hopes and big dreams that i wanted to accomplish but couldn’t that year.. Lol I’m referring to few hours ago as “That year”
oh well…

Segun Smute

Product Designer. @figmadesign fanboy. I prioritize finding solutions to complex problems while creating aesthetically pleasing designs

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